Happy 4th Birthday, Ross!

bDSC_0264n1As I drove to my parent’s house to decorate for Ross’ 4th birthday, I cried.  It wasn’t one of those pretty, single-tear-trickle-down, cry.  It was a mascara-running, nose-blowing, border-line-sobbing, ugly cry.

I was all alone in my car that day when my favorite song (from my favorite children’s CD) came on.  All I could do was humbly thank God for Ross.   I value every second with him and never want to take him for granted.

I don’t put a lot of pictures of Ross on my blog because, quite honestly, he doesn’t like to be photographed.  However, anyone who knows me, knows that Ross is my LIFE.  The first words out of his mouth every morning is, “Mama- I need you.”  There are also the last words he whispers as I’m crawling out of his bunk-bed each night.  I love every single thing about Ross. 

His birthday was simple and perfect.  He was surrounded by his family who all love him so much.  Happy Birthday, Ross! 

Rayna, on the otherhand…
NOT camera-shy at all!bDSC_0118

The picture below best describes my time with Ross.  We laugh, cuddle, pretend fight and kiss.  Although I realize this isn’t going to go over well in pre-school, he makes me laugh when he jokes around and says things like, “Mama- I’m gonna’ take you down to China Town!’  I’m blaming GiGi (my mom) for teaching him those fighting words!  He LOVES to play with her too!  Untitled-1
We decided to take my parent’s boat out one last time for the summer.  Swimming is fun, but cookies are the best. bDSC_0064n

Even though her curls curl-up and often look like mini buns, I STILL love her hair in pig-tails!  bDSC_0037n

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