3 Years Later…

When the car door opened on Sunday, I was greeted with oa HUUUGE hug.  Turns out, Ethan was as happy to see me as I was to see him!  When I first photographed Ethan 3 years ago, I remember coming home and showing Matthew my camera saying, “Isn’t this little boy soooooo cute!??!”  (I’ll post a picture of him from 2006 at the end!) 

Obviously, I was delighted when his mom found out I moved back to Georgia and scheduled another session.  This time, I got to photograph Ethan AND his brother, Will.  Enough writing, I have a lot of images to post!

I love seeing siblings hug!  (I love it so much, I makeencourage’ Ross & Rayna to hug one another each night before they go to bed.)   bDSC_0128

What a sweetheart!  One of the easiest children I’ve ever photographed…
Before our session, Cindy made it very clear I had a challenge in front of me.  She told me that, not only does Will not smile, but he runs away from the camera.  Although I did get plenty of smiles from Will during our session, I actually really liked his seriousness in this image. 
Now on to some smiles of the boys together…bDSC_0023
Who can resist a little boy with a freckles on his nose?  bDSC_0218bDSC_0214bDSC_0384bwbDSC_0320bDSC_0152bDSC_0205bDSC_0098bDSC_0399nbDSC_0184
As promised, here’s Ethan years back…  (Wasn’t he a doll?!?!) 

John & Cindy- Thanks for asking me to photograph your boys!  I look forward to more sessions with your family!

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