Free Watermelons

My sessions normally don’t end with me sitting in my client’s kitchen eating-up all their fresh fruit.  However, that’s what happened on Friday.  Although I had never met Peggy and Joe prior to our session, from the minute I walked into their house, they treated me like family.  As I packed-up my camera at the end of our session, Joe not only insisted that I sit down as he cut up a huge bowl of home-grown watermelons for me to eat, he also began loading the back of my car with two that he’d grown himself.  I REALLY love this family! bDSC_0433n

When Jake told me what his birthday present was, I told him to go get him!  He needed to be in some of the pictures too.bDSC_0457n
More pictures of their animals…

One more of Zach…
and Zach’s pretty girlfriend, Kim…
and Jake…
I don’t know how it’s happened, but I’ve already finished all of your other images!  Your gallery should be loaded by Monday.  Thanks again for the watermelons and for inviting me out to your beautiful house for family photographs.

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