Happy 1st Birthday, Sawyer!

I remember Ross’ 1st birthday party like it was yesterday.  In addition to all the brightly colored balloons around our house, there were several Clifford balloons that were so big, they could have probably lifted him right off the ground.  Our kitchen island was hidden beneath the platters of dips, shrimp, perfectly-cut sandwiches, fruits and veggie arrangements.  There was even a photo-display with the sweetest photos of Ross from his first 12 months.  Knowing I had covered every detail, I put my fully-charged camera around my neck and was ready to take on day.

Unfortunately, after the party was over and the left-overs were put away, I felt like the entire day had been a failure.  Although I photographed every single detail of the day, I wasn’t present for any of them.  With my little birthday boy tucked-away in his crib upstairs, I promised myself that night I would always be present… even if that meant I left my camera in my bag.


Five years later, as more and more clients started asking me to photograph their events and parties, I realized the problem I personally experienced is really common!  There is SO much time, love and creative energy that goes into a party… especially your child’s FIRST birthday party!  You owe it to yourself to TAKE a DEEP BREATH, ENJOY your FRIENDS & FAMILY and allow all of the unique details and special moments to be CAPTURED forever!  (And the best part… YOU actually get to be IN the photos for once!)

When Kim asked me months ago to photograph Sawyer’s farm-themed birthday party, I KNEW it was going to be incredible!  Kim is a client, a great planner & ALSO my cousin!  Soooo… not only did I get to experience all the fun of a jumper, petting zoo, hay ride, campfire, playground and cook-out, my family was invited too!


Here’s a few of the oh-so-cute Sawyer enjoying his cake…


“Granny” (my great-grandmother) has had a few health concerns lately.  Thankfully, she has pulled-though each one of them and, as you can see, is doing really well!  (She has ALWAYS been incredible with babies!  Can you tell?!?)


Cute story:  If a guy shows Sophie his arm muscle (no matter how muscular he is), she pays it no attention.  BUT, when her dad shows her HIS muscle, this is always her animated reaction.  The sound of Sophie yelling and clapping is just the cutest thing!

Just a few of the details…

Happy 1st Birthday, Sawyer!  I’m so happy I got to be there for your special day!


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