Proud to Introduce… “Flower”

This tradition started many years ago.  Like a lot of girls who grew-up in Georgia, I remember several trips to BabyLand General as a child.  If you’re still confused, BabyLand General is where Cabbage Patch Kids are made BORN.  (Yes, if you haven’t been before, the babies are, actually, ‘born‘ out of a cabbage patch… with a nurse… and an IV.)

For Rayna’s 4th birthday this year, my mom took the day off of work and took Rayna to pick-out her very own Cabbage Patch doll.

With thousands of Cabbage Patch babies and kids all around us, we thought Rayna would have a hard time.  Surprisingly, she choose her baby pretty quickly! 

Introducing… “Flower Rayna Martin

You can’t go to North Georgia without stopping at all the local shop for homemade goodies.  On our list was chocolate, turtles, grits and dips. 


Lately, everyone has been telling my sister and I how much we look alike.  When I walked into Chick-fi-a last week, someone grabbed the door for me and said, “Hello, Hannah’s-sister.”  Just tonight, Hannah was checking-out at a store and the lady asked, “Do you have a sister?”  It happens even MORE with children!  Hannah has had MANY kids, either my clients or kids in my Sunday School class, see her and tell their parents, “There’s Miss Christy!” 

After I took this picture of Hannah, I really saw what others were talking about.  Do you see it?!?!


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