Lowrie Family Session

When a someone calls me to schedule a session, I like to explain my style of photography to them to make sure we are a perfect fit for one another.  (Yes, there has been a time when I referred a potential client to a studio because the images she requested were a lot more formal and staged than how I prefer to shoot.)  I tell my clients that we will get a few ‘everyone-smiling-at-the-camera’ shots, but what I LOVE to capture the MOST is the REAL moments that naturally happen when a family is being themselves.


Here are some of the REAL moments from my session with Scott, Trish and the kids.
For this image, we were actually taking a little break and Reese started laughing with her mom…  
This shot was SUPPOSE to be of JUST Scott and Trish.  But, when I looked through my camera, I realized the kids were actually chasing one another in the background!  They didn’t even realize they were in the picture until I started laughing at them.  Not only was this shot really cute, it captured a real and spontaneous moment!

Only a few minutes into their session, I noticed Michael was missing.  This is where I found him…

Reese was MUCH more concerned with finding bugs and picking things in the field.  Even though she’s not looking at the camera, the image tells a story about her ‘Almost-6-Years-Old‘ personality!

Even though Isabel was a poser (like her mom told me), like a lot of kids her age, she did not want to show her missing teeth.  I got a lot of her smiling softly, but I worked really hard to make her laugh where I could capture her natural and beautiful smile.


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