Where am I?

Make-up is not required.  (Some days, it’s actually frowned upon.)
There are lots of kids running around.  (Most of which are usually semi-naked.)
Swimming holes keep the kids happy for hours.

We are at Matthew’s parent’s house! b1dsc_0006
Each year, ours and Michelle’s (Matthew’s sister) family spend a week in NW Arkansas.  The week is filled with adventures, good food and lots of little dirty hands and feet at the end of each day. 

Ross and his cousin Joseph were happy to help us out by getting some of the horses back into the pasture.
As you can see, some horses are a little more stubborn than others.bdsc_0206
Later that day, we took the kids to this incredible spot just down the road.  It’s filled with rocks, caves, rock walls, water holes, creeks and big bugs.  The PERFECT spot for 3-year old boys! b2dsc_0304

…PERFECT spot for little girls too.  There’s only one problem, the water is calling Rayna’s name and she’s not wearing a bathing suit.  Never fear!  Our kids are very happy in the buff.bdsc_0414

bdsc_0418Rayna is the best lil’ kisser in the world.  Matthew and I ask for them from the minute she wakes up until she lays down each night.  bdsc_0431
The boys found these hats in one of the bedrooms…
Matthew’s dad got his hat when he saw the boys having so much fun with theirs.  (Another good reason to always have your camera handy.  I really like this picture of them together.)
As our day started to wrap-up, Kenslee and I hung-out while everyone else rode the Ranger and 4-wheeler.  As you all know, I can’t hang-out with a happy baby, sitting on a beautiful wooden floor, without grabbing my camera and pulling her diaper off for a quick photo.

I have more pictures to post tomorrow!  Check back to stay updated on our little adventures!

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