Florida 2016 (Part 2)

I posted a few pictures from our beach trip HERE, but there were a few more that made me too happy not to post.

This picture looks pretty dreamy, but Ruthie was actually being kind-of fussy and we were ready to go inside.  As we were gathering our things, a nice family came over and gave her a new kite!
The beach was nearly empty. 
The winds were strong. 
Ruthie’s frown quickly turned into a BIG smile!  kiteparkerpWe never seem to play putt-putt golf around our house, but when we’re in Florida, it’s a GIVEN!  golffhighlightsraynaI mentioned evening or morning light in my last post.  This is another example of how flattering it can be… sweetruthIt only took 839 GoPro photos to get 3 semi-decent images.  I CLEARLY need lessons!


Even though Matthew’s pretty good in the water and we’re both pretty thrifty, we decided to invest in Infant Survival Lessons when Ross and Ruthie were babies.  (Sorry, Rayna!  We were beyond-broke and living in Arizona when you were born!)  Unlike what some parents may fear, the kids were never thrown into the water.  They were taught to to flip over on their back and FLOAT… even with clothes, shoes and a winter jacket.  (It’s ALL about the child’s safety in case they ever did fall into a body of water unexpectedly.)  As a result, not only have none of them ever worn floaties or vests, they all absolutely LOVE the water!
If you’re in Georgia, you’ve got to call Cindy at Gwinnett Swim!


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