Florida 2016 (Part 1)

When I look back at my favorite moments of the year, most of my BEST memories are made during our summer trip to the beach.  Part of it is the luxury of sitting in the sand and simply watching the kids play.  However, I think the MAIN reason it’s so special is because we meet my parents and sister’s family.

For a week, we have NO agenda.  (With the exception of finding a restaurant with killer hush-puppies or garlic-cheese bread and blackened fish Reuben sandwiches.)

We eat (a lot).
We laugh (a lot).
The kids catch smelly-critters and make a total MESS of the room!


Ruthie’s my early-morning girl!  She and I LOVE going out super-early to chase the birds and enjoy the beach before the sun makes it’s grand appearance.

PHOTOGRAPHY TIP:  Unless you’re comfortable shooting in Manual Mode (where you control all the settings), TAKE PHOTOS in the MORNING or EVENING.  The light is GORGEOUS and very flattering to all skin tones!


cmp_6686-2-copyWe always try to get a stranger to snap a super-quick photo of us on the beach before we leave.  One of these years, I’m going to put some effort into it; but, at this point, it’s just not worth it to make everyone match (…or SMILE in Ruthie’s case)cmp_6953-2ncmp_6958-2n
Waiting on Naomi…  (She’s due TODAY!)cmp_6937-2b

Ross may break a few rules on vacation, but he sure is FUN! cmp_6492-2ncousinscmp_6765-2nbedThanks for stopping by!
I have a few more I plan to post tomorrow.

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