Summer Visits & Memories

Although we lived close to Matthew’s sister in Georgia, some of our BEST memories together were when both of our families would visit their parents (aka: VACATION!) in Arkansas each year.  Now that we are living here, it’s so fun to see even MORE summer memories when Michelle and her kids visit each summer!cmp_5527n

When I married Matthew, I had NO idea how fortunate I was to ALSO get his parents in the deal!  grandparents

Ross is the master of games.  Most start out really fun and end with Ruthie crying or getting her feelings hurt…  pool

Great splash, Austen!  So good, Ruthie decided to jump in too!   a

Cousins! cousinsp2

Go, Ruthie!  You’ve got Ross’ support!  jump

Kenslee’s missing a few teeth.  How cute! kcmp_5588b

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