Baseball Photos!

I adore natural expressions… especially on children.  Since my son tends to give a very strange (and angry-looking) smile when someone with a camera mentions anything about ‘cheese,’ it was no surprise I never even considered pre-ordering a package with the company assigned to photograph his baseball team this year.  When the proofs came back and some of the other parents weren’t happy with their children’s photographs (done by the other company), the coaches asked me to take pictures of the team and kids during our next game.   

Kids.  Dirt.  Attitudes.  Laughs.  Taking-a-much-needed-break-to-find-the-closest-tree.

…I can’t think of anything I’d love to photograph more!     

Ross can be very shy at times.  Other times, he’ll surprise even me by acting like a crazy-person while running to first base.  I love that kid! 

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