Delivery Photos… You won’t regret it!

Like most mothers, I have a lot of memories from the days my children were born.
The memories from Ross’ birth are great.
The memories from Rayna’s birth are also really great.

Although Ruthie’s  birth seemed very similar to my other two deliveries, the memories I have from HER special day were marked as one of the best days of my life.  Wanna’ know the difference?

Within a day of delivering my baby girl, I received a text with a beautiful image attached of me holding Ruthie for the first time.
Oh my goodness!  I didn’t even remember that moment!

Then, a day later, I get a blog post FILLED with even MORE amazing photos!
Again, the photos I saw brought-up sooooooo many moments that I would have easily forgotten about… even just a few days after they happened.

Shortly after I got settled in at home, I was sent ALL of my wonderful photos taken at the delivery of my last baby.

Did I cry?
  Ummm, YES!
To me, THESE IMAGES were the most SPECIAL, PRIZED and APPRECIATED photos I’d EVER had taken.

I want to encourage EVERY mom out there to consider hiring a professional photographer to document your baby’s birth.

Not only does it allow you and your family to simply ENJOY the MOMENT (without trying to pass around a camera), but it actually gives you ARTISTIC and BEAUTIFUL memories of a moment that should be remembered and cherished as such.


Here’s a few of Ruthie’s birth that Mary Anne (my friend and photographer) captured that I will TREASURE FOREVER…


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