Cow Obsession: Part II

Feeding the cows last week was so much fun, so I decided to take the kids back one last time while the calves were still young enough to be bottle-fed.  Once we got there, Rayna quickly found her “favorite” calf from last time…


Not sure why, but add cows to the list of things Ruthie thinks are funny…



Milked a cow.  (check)
Rode a cow.  (check)
Bottle-fed a cow.  (check)

I’ve named this image: 
“A cow sucking my thumb is really gross.  OH, WAIT.  It’s actually the cutest thing in the entire world.”


If you know my dad, you’ll appreciate this photo.  He is the ONLY person I know who would specifically ask if I would take his picture with the donkey.  THEN, proceeded to give him bunny-ears.  Gotta’ love him.

Thank you for coming back for a few more cow pictures!
I think it’s obvious from all of the pictures, but now you’ll believe me when I say, I’d LOVE to live on a farm!

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