Caroline, 4 years old

Every stage of a child’s life brings something new and exciting, but there’s just something about a 4-year old that, to me, is pretty-much perfect.  It was my favorite age with Ross and it’s probably why, out of ALL the ages, I enjoy teaching the 4-year olds on Sunday mornings at church.
Love 4-year olds!

So naturally, I was looking forward to an early-morning session with a brand-spanking-new member of the 4-year old club- Caroline! 


Cute story…
I ran into Caroline and her mom while grocery shopping a few days before our session.  Ruthie (who she’d never met) was with me and insisted on getting in the cart with Caroline.  Caroline played and talked to her while her mom and I chatted.  When it was time to go, Ruthie threw a little fit and Caroline ALSO wasn’t ready to say goodbye.  She did the CUTEST pouty-lips you’ve even seen.  So when I randomly captured that SAME cute face again during our session, I couldn’t resist posting it.  I laughed so loud when I saw her do it for the second time!

Enjoy being 4-years old, Caroline!  I know you’ll make it GREAT!

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