Madi’s Senior Photos

I’ve blogged before about the importance of taking a few seconds to reflect on the time during your day when you were the happiest.  Not only does this habit promote gratefulness, it’s also a great way to really identify the common factors that bring you joy.  So on Sunday, after teaching the 4-year olds at church (which I LOVE), having a delicious meal (that I didn’t have to cook) and a gorgeous day with my family, want to know what my FAVORITE part of the ENTIRE day was?!?

Here’s my own, personal, bed-side Happiness Project journal…  (Notice the daily quote at the top.  How ironic!)

This session was special for so many reasons…

Madi and her mom came from Ohio.
After weeks and weeks of texting, Madi and I FINALLY got to meet in person!
She had several FAMILY MEMBERS ‘Hair, make-up, clothing, boots and accessory-assistants with us that made the night even MORE fun!
Lots of big laughs.
(Even MORE big laughs.)
Beautiful weather.
Fun locations.

Oh, did I mention how GORGEOUS Madi is?!?  Take a look at just a few from her senior session…

Thank you, Misty & Madi for trusting me to these photos and making the trip to Georgia!
I had a GREAT time and look forward to photographing your family again!


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