Ruthie’s 1st Birthday

Happy 1st Birthday, Ruthie!

Before officially starting her big day, I took a few minutes to update Ruthie’s 1-year milestone photos.
I even got a few of me and Matthew with her…

The day was filled with things Ruthie loves to do.
Despite the TERRIFIED look on Ruthie’s face going down the slide at Everland Play, I think she really enjoyed her special day…


Ruthie’s birthday party was small, but she was surrounded by a handful of people who have loved on and played with her since the day she was born.


Her cake was tasted just as good as it looked!
Her ‘Don’t-You-DARE-Get-Any-Closer’ face was a good indicator that she wasn’t letting go of her special, chocolate cupcake… 


We played a few of the games that I played at my birthday parties growing-up…

1.  Fill a cup with cooking flour and stick a big piece of chewing gum in the middle.  Dump and remove the cup (upside down) onto a plate.  On the count of THREE, whoever BLOWS the FIRST bubble WINS!  Oh yeah, you can NOT use your hands to get the gum out of the flour!  (Yes, that only leaves your NOSE and TONGUE!)   GO!

2.  Who can drink 5 ounces the fastest… out of a baby bottle?!?!  GO!

3.  Every gets a bucket filled with ice.  Who can pull out 5 marbles (mixed with the all the ice) the fastest… using ONLY your TOES?!?!?  GO!

A big thank you to my friend Kate for also taking pictures throughout the party!  It’s great to have a few that I’m in where Ruthie will know I was actually there!

Happy Birthday, Ruthie!

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