Caleb’s request was simple:  “Just a few head-shots.”
However, during the session, I kept finding myself enthusiastically saying, “Caleb!  I just thought of the coolest shot for you.  Can we do what I’m thinking?” He would just laugh and say, ‘just head-shots.’ I could have photographed Caleb for a lot longer than I actually did, but, he IS just a normal guy who JUST needed a few head-shots. 

As much time as I could have spent taking all of those other fun shots, I could have also spent that much time (or more) hearing about all of his adventures!  He has spent a great deal of time living and traveling all over the world.  He’s done great work for God.  He’s played football all over the world.  He’s just cool.  So cool, in fact, he signs he emails to me ‘take er easy.’ How do you NOT like a guy like that?!?!

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