Tommy, Lisa & the kids

When you have your own business, it’s so important to know your strengths and weaknesses.  After all these years of taking pictures, I know my biggest strength is my excitement for photography and my ability to interact with people, especially children. I’ve photographed a lot of events, weddings and milestones and nothing is as difficult as keeping-up with a child, making them laugh, being silly- all while keeping their eyes in focus despite the camera moving in a hundred different directions.  However, there’s NOTHING I love more than working extremely hard to get great shots, while making the process look pretty easy ‘playing with’ babies and kids.

As for weaknesses, I am well-aware of that one too.  I post WAAAAAY too many images in my client’s online proofing gallery.  (This isn’t one of those indirect compliments like, “My worst attribute is I love too much.”)  I have studied a lot about the business-side of photography and, unfortunately, clients can make easier and quicker decisions the less photos they are shown.  So, although I’d like make it easier on my clients by only showing them 25 proofs, unless I start shooting less and my clients start getting less-cute, I think they are just going to have to bear with me as I post a few extras that I couldn’t stand to part with.

Tommy and Lisa’s session is a perfect example of offering too many proofs, so I’ll go ahead and apologize to them now!

One more thing!  Before you look at the next picture, I am going to read your mind and answer your question:  “Yes.  These are really her eyes.” After taking just one picture of her, I turned my camera around and displayed the picture for her mom to see.  I told Lisa, “Wow!  No one is ever going to believe her eyes are REALLY this bright and blue!”

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