A Day in the Life of RUTHIE

Recently, as I tried to remember what my life was like when Rayna was 3 years old, I realized I’d forgotten many details from my life during that season.  It may have had something to do with having 2 young kids, moving from Arizona back to Georgia, Matthew starting a new, traveling job or me starting my photography business back up.

But regardless of how busy that season of my life was, it still REALLY bothered me that I couldn’t remember hardly any ‘real‘ details of our day-to-day life.  So, I decided to be intentional the next day and photograph RUTHIE, age 3.  My only goal was to document the daily moments that, even though they seem very ‘normal’ now, I KNOW I’ll look back and cherish as the BEST memories!


One of my FAVORITE parts of the day is waking-up the kids in the morning!
I always cuddle in bed with Ross first.  Then, I get to go climb in Rayna’s bed between two soft, snugly and warm little girls…



“My love Rayna tooooo much.”
-Ruthie (normally, every morning)wakee


For several (long) years, whether it was carpool, activities, making dinners, making lunches, giving baths and doing school project, I was doing it alone while Matthew traveled with his job.  So, one of the MAIN reasons we choose to leave everything behind in Georgia was because it would bring our family together.  And even though I LOVE not having to teach math anymore, one of the BIGGEST blessings has simply been how much time we all spend together- even in the ‘little’ moments.

Now, taking the kids to school each morning is also something I look forward to.  I get to sit in the passenger seat… watch the fog rise over miles of cow and horse pasture… and occasionally spot a deer sipping creek water.  Oh, and THIS is our entertainment… car ride
One breakfast usually isn’t enough for Ruthie.  By the time we drop the kids off and get back home, she’s already asking to cook eggs.  (Yes, she REALLY helps.  Yes, we’re really careful.  Yes, she’s STILL a whole year OLDER than when Rayna started cooking!)
DSC_2516nbreakfastThere’s rarely a morning when she doesn’t climb up on the table.  It’s her seat-of-choice!

She hears shower or bath water running and she’s THERE within seconds… ready to get in!  showerfeetDSC_2659b

“Hey, Ruthie!!!”
-Ruthie (x20… anytime she sees herself in a mirror)mirrDSC_2679n copyhairdryer

There are so many SAD, EXPENSIVE, SCARY, EMOTIONALLY DRAININGhard‘ things about moving.  But, one of the coolest things Matthew and I have experienced (after moving 5+ times) has been all of the incredible people ‘FRIENDS’ God has placed in our lives with EVERY.SINGLE.NEW.PLACE.  This move to Arkansas has been NO exception!

And along with connecting with a family who, now feels like part of our OWN family, we also met another wonderful couple who rescues furry friends.  (She’s even written a great book about their adventures!)  So, even though we don’t officially invite ourselves over every single day, it’s usually that often that Ruthie tells me, “My wanna’ go see Bama!

Ruthie was lucky today!
  Bama was home and, whadya’ know?  He was looking forward to seeing her too!
If you’ve been around Ruthie for a minute (or seen ANY of my pictures), you’ve probably noticed how much she dislikes wearing clothes.  As soon as we get home (from anything at anytime), she’s in her undies!  I thought about forcing her dress back on (since I knew I was documenting our day), but, “Lifestyle Photography” is ALL-ABOUT being REAL, right?!?!

Nap time for my lil’ dear.  As always, in RAYNA’s bed… 
Most every night when she sees me cooking, she’ll go ahead and start grabbing plates and forks and set the table.  She certainly has a few 3-year old ‘issues‘ we need to work on.  But, being lazy is NOT one of them!

Thanks for stopping by and being part of our everyday life!

May I also encourage YOU to consider the SAME “Day in the Life Of…” Project for YOUR family?

You don’t need a fancy camera. 
You don’t need an exciting day planned.
You don’t even need to shop for an outfit!

Just make an effort to take photos of your family through your day!  You might be surprised when THESE everyday photographs become your most TREASURED!

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