Georgia Memories

Yeah, there might be a day when we make a huge stack of sandwiches in an assembly-line, load-up a car full of cousins, drive to downtown Atlanta and hurry through the zoo before rush-hour traffic.  But, MOST days in Georgia are spent EXACTLY how we ALL love it… nothing to do but pretend, cook, play outside and enjoy time with some of our favorite people!





There are always 2 ‘givens‘ with EVERY trip back to Georgia:
1.  We will eat really, really, really well.
2. We will gain 1 more child for at least half of our trip.  (Rayna and Lydia have been the closest friends since preschool.  We LOVE her and usually end-up kidnapping her before we even have a chance to unpack our luggage after a 12-hour drive!)



The MANY faces of Ruthie…ruthieplayb


Ruthie and ‘GiGi’- such a special bond…DSC_4786b1girlskk


Oh, some of my FAVORITE memories with my sister and these 2 girlies!lydia

playing outside…
homemade lasagna cooking inside.
Perfect night!  papa

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