Chad, Farrah and the boys

Somewhere between my week in Arkansas and spending the following week alone with Matthew in Florida, I managed to make it home in just enough time to repack my bags, sleep in my own bed and, oh, a SESSION!     

To give the boys a little more sleeping time, we decided to do the session at their home.  Between the wrap-around porch, huge yard and gorgeous shade tree and swing, I couldn’t imagine doing it anywhere else! 

I’m not even going to lie…   I LOVE walking into a client’s house and seeing tons of framed prints from our previous sessions together.  It makes me feel great to know they loved the images as much as I did!bdsc_0003n

Speaking of not enough sleeping time…  It DID take the boys a little time to warm up to the idea of their photograph being taken so early in the morning. 
Another early-morning shot… These boys have some great expressions.  I think their eyes speak a thousand words.  

This family is always easy and fun to photograph…

NOW the boys are starting to enjoy themselves…

Back to the baby…bdsc_0489bwbdsc_0260bw
Hudson and Hayden are very excited about their new brother…bdsc_0105
HUDSON!  Why are you so cute?!?!?!?   (Sorry for that outburst.  I just want to eat him up sometimes.)
I like how he’s curling his toe.  It’s all about the details!

We waited until the ‘end’ to let the boys do some finger-painting on Farrah’s belly.  Now…

Painted shirts off…
Session is officially over…                   (yeah right)

Only 2 Goals:
1.  Play Hard
2.  Find, chase and capture the kitty cat.  (Can you see every hair on this kitty’s body is standing straight up?  I LOVE IT!)


I adore this swing.  I must have talked about it a lot because Farrah and Chad invited me to come back and photograph Ross and Rayna on it.  (I plan to take them there in the fall.  Can you imagine how beautiful it will be with all the changing leaves?) 

What a great way to end a session: 
Adorable brothers… shirtless… on an old swing at their house… just having fun.  bdsc_0378n

I realize I’m partial to shirtless little boys in the country, but, this shot was a great way to end our awesome session together!

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