Ross’ 1st Baseball Game

Matthew and I were REALLY excited about taking Ross to his FIRST baseball game… 
We were so excited, in fact, we arrived over an hour early

NOTE TO SELF:  If you’re taking a 3-year old to a baseball game (OUTDOORS) (IN JULY), don’t arrive over an hour early if you want to stay for more than one inning.

The first 20 minutes were great.  Ross jumped on the giant Spiderman….bdsc_0037n

I handed the camera to Matthew where Ross and I could get some pictures together…sb24

We were there for just enough time to get on the big screen!  bdsc_0092n

We had been in our seats about 20 minutes when Ross told Matthew, “I’m ready to go.  I’m tired.  See…”  (as he opens his mouth as much as possible and attempts to make a yawning-sound)

Oh well. 
We went (kind-of). 
We ate peanuts and ice cream. 
I officially marked ‘Take Ross to a baseball game’ off my list. 

More than anything, Matthew and I got to spend some much-needed one-on-one time with Ross.  That in itself was worth a $3.50 Coke!

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