Rayna’s Birthday Trip to Georgia

I admit it… I look for any EXCUSE ‘reason’ to go back to Georgia for a visit.  So when I saw the kids were out of school around Rayna’s birthday, I knew it would be a GREATopportunity‘ to make a quick-trip back!

Granny,” the kid’s GREAT, GREAT grandmother, is 99 years old and STILL incredibly smart, sweet and funny.
She and Ruthie made silly faces together…DSC_8679b
And loved on one another for a while…granny1granny
To celebrate Rayna’s birthday, we picked-up her best-bud (since preschool) and we headed out for a day of FUN!  There was laughs with my sister, crazy times at the mall, good food and LOTS and LOTS of craziness in the wind-tunnel!  (I have GOT to post the video one day!  Worth every penny!)
These girls…
Almost 4 years of friendship.
Not ONE.disagreement.EVER. DSC_8726n

If I had to choose my VERY FAVORITE PLACE in the entire state of Georgia, I would easily say my grandparent’s yard.
There’s a front porch- perfect for rocking and talking.
There’s a old, old swing hanging from a big tree- perfect for relaxing and playing.
There’s plenty of pretty trees to climb or take pictures under.

But, more than the gorgeous light, beautiful trees or wonderful memories, 2 of my favorite people in the world who live there…DSC_8864b
While Ruthie smothered Rosie in kisses, Ross and Rayna hung-out high above us in the trees… gm

No trip to Georgia is complete without a trip to our favorite park.  We usually meet Matthew’s sister and her kids.
Always fun… especially when Matthew’s nephew carries Matthew around…austen

With all the fun playground equipment around, oddly enough, my kids head STRAIGHT for the woods!
I would encourage them to play within their boundaries; but honestly, stepping over limbs and following them all through the trees is, to me, one of the most ENJOYABLE things in the world!DSC_8987b


Matthew FOUND us!  (Can you BELIEVE this is Rayna’s hair AFTER her HAIR CUT earlier that day?!?!?  Out of control, right?!?!)DSC_9047nDSC_9068nDSC_9097nfamdamilylydia

Friday nights are MUCH better with a fire in the front yard and marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate!marshmellows

Hanging in the front yard…
Sitting on the back of the trucks…
Watching the kids play…
Perfect Night!ruthieflipmomruthie

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