Will & Halie

I played it really cool, but when I got a text from my cousin asking if I could take a few photos at his wedding, I was pretty excited!  (If you’ve followed my blog for a while, you’ve probably noticed that, alhough I’ve enjoyed slowing down my life, I’ve also really, really missed setting aside what I’m so passionate about.)

So, here’s just a few photos and video from Will & Halie’s special day…   DSC_0349bDSC_0748nDSC_0662bwhcDSC_0202bccdDSC_0653nDSC_0671nhwwUntitled-1w


For friends & family…
Here’s a link to print any of the photos from the wedding:

I’ll email you the password (for above website) and another link to directly download the pictures!

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