Summer Georgia Trip (continued!)


Moving to Arkansas has been an incredible place for our family.  We’ve been super intentional about guarding our family time where we can all play and enjoy one another more.  I’m also soooo in love with NW Arkansas!  Not only is it absolutely beautiful with it’s creeks, cows and waterfalls, it’s GOT to be one of the BEST places to raise a family.

But, there IS one thing I really, really miss about Georgia… the PEOPLE still there.

So, it’s no wonder why I was SO excited to visit Georgia!  I posted a few pictures from sessions and a few of Ruthie under my dad’s tree; but, here are a few more highlights during our (never-ever-long-enough) visit…

Ross and his cousin…

My dad took us out in his boat (…and sold it the next day).  So many great memories. Untitled-1l

Yes, I NOW realize that $5 knock-off Crocs may not be the best footwear when I’m snapping a picture in my grandparent’s driveway.
Yes, I NOW also see that Ruthie’s cowboys boots are on the wrong feet!    DSC_5894nDSC_5857b

It was VERY hard getting these cousins to break-away from collecting rocks in my grandparent’s driveway for a quick picture… DSC_5912n
I love the swing in my grandparent’s yard.  It’s the perfect place to swing, watch the kids play and just talk… DSC_5878b

Took a few of Ruthie… DSC_6998nnDSC_7014b

Then, Rayna jumped in and grabbed her… girliesgirls@gmhug

We got to celebrate my nephew’s birthday party… lego

And enjoy our favorite buddies… park

May I BRAG on Rayna?!?!  She took ALL of these photos! 
She asked for my camera… I set it up… and she came back 10 minutes later with THESE!

Just a few more that I got of Ruthie being silly… ruthietree

Thanks for reading about our trip!
I hope to return in the Fall.  So, if you’re interested in sessions, please let me know!
(     770-639-0598 )

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