Kenslee is Here!

I remember exactly what I was doing, where I was sitting and what I was eating the moment I got a phone call from my sister-in-law Michelle telling us she and Jimmie were pregnant.  Every baby is truly a miracle, but Jimmie and Michelle had been waiting a long time for Kenslee.
When Kenslee was born, Matthew and I were already getting ready for our move back to Georgia.  We were both so happy to meet Kenslee while she was still tiny, warm and fuzzy.
I went over for a visit last week.  Ross and Rayna were about an hour past their naps, so I didn’t get to do a ‘real’ shoot like I wanted.  Luckily, Jimmie and MIchelle are only about 15 minutes away and Michelle is great to let me photograph her kids as often as I want to.
Enough typing… You’ve gotta see this precious little smile Kenslee keeps on her face about 90% of the time.  It’s just too sweet!

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