Today is DAY 27. (We are in serious trouble.)

I don’t like to label him a ‘bad‘ dog, but he certainly has some characteristics that have made me NOT want another pet.

  • He loves to go outside and bark in the middle of the night for no reason.
  • When he sees me heading out the door juggling at least one child, purse, backpack, a drink and anything else heavy or bulky, he decides it’s time to escape.  After I chase him from one neighbor’s yard to another, he ignores me as I drive around and beg him to jump in the car.
  • My personal favorite… He humps IS VERY AFFECTIONATE TOWARDS anyone who comes over. This includes, but is not limited to, friends, family and the great folks in our weekly Small Group from church.

Meet ROSS.
Ross loves dogs.  For months, Ross asked us for another dog.  For months, we said no.
Finally, in an attempt to stop the questions, Matthew casually replied to Ross’ continued requests by saying, “If you feed Murphy for 30 days straight, you can have a dog.”

Imagine how surprised I was when he woke-up the first morning and ran downstairs to feed Murphy!

Days turned into weeks…

As a matter-of-fact, the days and weeks added up so quickly, we had to create a numbering system to make sure we could keep up with it.  After we realized Ross was going to win, Matthew started his search for a dog that would hopefully be smart and would not shed.  He found an adorable Aussiedoodle (cross between Australian Shepherd and Poodle) in Missouri.  We showed Ross his picture and he LOVED him! 
With only a few days left, Ross’ walls are covered in dog pictures and his book shelves are filled with dog books!    We all have so much faith in Ross, Matthew’s parents drove 8 hours to pick-up the dog last week!  They tell us every day how awesome he is.  We can’t WAIT to surprise Ross with his new puppy!

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