Summer trip to Arkansas

Each summer, I really look forward to a week at my in-law’s house in NW Arkansas.

We eat around the clock.
We spend hours riding the 4-wheeler, Ranger and horses.
We explore new caves, waterfalls and creeks.
We try to see how many small children we can scrub down in the big bathtub each night.
We stay up way too late each night watching movies and eating the hot cupcakes my niece makes.

With over 13 people there at any given time, we all stay very busy!

To answer your question about the pictures above:
Yes, Ross fell asleep in his Nana’s arms while riding the 4-wheeler.
Yes, the children played poker any chance they got!

I thought this heart-shaped flower was so unique and interesting.  This wasn’t the only one.  There were hundreds more just like it!

A typical day includes us riding the Ranger and Matthew trying to perform a dental examination on each horse.This was one of our adventures.  The waterfall was so beautiful. 

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