Playing at the Park

The day before had been a little tough.  I saw a friend at the park and, after chatting with her (and realizing how terrible I looked), I commented to my sister-in-law that ‘I wish I didn’t look homeless‘.  She clarified that I, in fact, did NOT look homeless.  I just looked like I hadn’t taken a shower in a couple of weeks!

So, the next day, even though I was STILL sleep-deprived, missing Matthew and a little over-whelmed with homework, projects, chores and lists, I actually applied a little make-up and wore my own clothes (…instead of Matthew’s)!  So, along with pictures of the kids playing and Ruthie make a HUGE mess with bubbles, my sister took a couple of me and Ruthie together!  Thanks, Hannah!

I wonder who these two are looking for?!?!DSC_4629b

Ruthie is a CRAZY-baby!  She loves to run UP the slide, as well as DOWN the slide!sliden DSC_4668b DSC_4776b DSC_4860n slidebw


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