Surving a LONG week…

Some weeks I FEEL LIKE A TOTAL MESS IN COMPLETE SURVIVAL MODE ‘are a little tougher than others’.
This was one of those weeks.

Matthew was gone all week and I spent most days in his large t-shirts or sporting my father-in-law’s XXL Dallas Cowboy sweatshirt.  Make-up rarely applied.  If my hair got brushed after a quick shower each morning, I felt like I had really accomplished something.

Yes, THIS is the face I would get all week whenever I dared to put Ruthie down to unload the dishwasher or brush my teeth…


But, as much work as I need to get done around the house, I KNEW Ruthie and I needed a break from dirty laundry, folding under-ware and posting items on Craig’s List.  So, I grabbed my camera and we went to visit my grandparents.

Ahhhh… Outdoors… color… Feeling better already!DSC_4448n1

Ruthie IS OBSESSED WITH KISSING, HUGGING and LAYING ON on ANYTHING with FUR ‘has a love for animals’.  So, between Grandmama’s perfect cat, sweet dog and the neighbor’s horses, it was the PERFECT day for Ruthie!Untitled-1nfrankbw
Ross and Rayna were really excited when I asked if they wanted to meet their cousins at the park after school!

Go, Ruthie!  What a BIG girl climbing to the top all by herself!  slideDSC_4603bw
I’m a big believer that we all, especially moms, should reach out and be there for one another.  Even though loading up the kids, packing snacks and getting out of the house is tough sometimes, it ALWAYS makes me feel so much better to spend time and share laughs with others!

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