There’s only 1 Ross…

To most people, Ross is just a normal 8-year old boy.
He gets really dirty, picks-over most any food on his plate and gives me grief every time I mention ‘homework,’ ‘reading,’ or hand-washing.

But, to the few people who truly KNOW Ross, he’s a GEM.  (Or, as Matthew’s parents say, “One in a million!”)

As I think of memories and look at candid photos of Ross all around our house (I posted a few at the end), I’m reminded of one of my (MANY) favorite things about him… his HAPPY & CAREFREE attitude! 

Last night as the sun was about to set in our front yard, Ross stuck his dirty hands into the community water cup and pulled out some ice.  I assumed I would be chased-down until the cold ice was slide into my shirt or down my pants, but I was surprisingly wrong.

Last night, RUTHIE was his target and giving her a fancy new hairstyle was his objective


Clearly, Ruthie didn’t mind.  As a matter of fact, I think she’s going to be a LOT like her big brother!  She seemed to think it all was pretty funny too…DSC_8272b

These are a few pictures of my favorite candid photos hung in our playroom:

photos of ross

  • The laughs continued in Arizona as 4-year old Ross got carried-away on the playground equipment.  It was like he KNEW his 2-year old sister’s face was filled with fear…
  • At 4… jumping from a cliff in Arkansas with his, much-older, cousins…
  • As you can see, even when he was a BABY and our dog knocked him over, he just laughed…
  • And, of course, running around in just his under-ware.  Classic Ross.


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