“Mom… I’m SO glad we had Ruthie.”

Rayna has always been my quiet, deep-thinking, people-pleasing child.

So when I found out we were going to have another baby (although it seems completely irrational now), I was somewhat worried about how a new baby would affect a child who, just based on her shy disposition and soft-spoken personality, already had the tendency to be over-looked by others around her.

But, something happened when we introduced Rayna to her new little sister…

Rayna gently climbed into the hospital bed beside me, held her little arms out and easily pulled her new baby sister close to her body.
Ross left with grandparents, but Rayna stayed.
Nurses came in and out, but Ruthie remained in Rayna’s arms the majority of the day.
Ruthie would occasionally squirm and fuss, but Rayna sat still and stayed as calm as a seasoned mother.

From that time, Ruthie has ADORED Rayna.
When I get Ruthie out of her crib before the sun comes up and we walk down the hall to climb back into my bed, she’ll hold her arms out towards Rayna’s room and yell, “Sissy!  Bed!  Sissy!”

But, I’m pretty sure Rayna feels the same way about Ruthie.
At least once a week, Rayna will look-up at my with those big blue eyes and softly say, “Mom… I’m SO glad we had Ruthie.”

Their relationship and love is so wonderful.

Not only did Ruthie fill Rayna’s heart with even MORE love and tenderness than she had before, a bond was formed that they will both cherish the rest of their lives.


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