The Tree (Spring Break: Part 1)

Hands-down… BEST Spring Break.  I wish I could have bottled-up every laugh, hug & tickle from our week together.  But since I couldn’t, I tried to keep my camera with me to document the ‘little’ moments that life with a 5 & 3 year old bring.

For 12 years, each time we visit family in Mississippi, Matthew says “one day” he wants to show us where he and his dad went to college.  Well, it finally happened!  After arriving on campus  and eating a delicious Crawfish Po-Boy & seafood salad at my new favorite restaurant, the kids discovered this GORGEOUS tree in front of the football stadium.  We quickly found a parking place and spent the next 2 hours playing under it’s huge branches.  

Rayna climbed her 1st tree all by herself!   Regardless of her size or age, she IS determinted to keep-up with Ross!

Rayna is so shy… except when it’s time to DANCE! So as the sun started to set at our new favorite spot, that’s EXACTLY what she did!  
ANOTHER day under the tree!  This time, they decided to BOTH get a turn at the same time…

Stay tuned!  More to come…

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