Stay-cation: Ruthie’s Day!


“Ruthie…  After YOUR day, you’re gonna’ need surgery to get the smile off your face!”



It was true.
Ruthie DID have an INCREDIBLE Stay-cation day planned by Ross.

He thought of EVERYTHING she LOVED
He started the morning off RIGHT with a dozen {HOT & FRESH} Krispy Kreme donuts!


Matthew does not love our game; but, the kids and I do a LOT of taste-testing and food-swappin’ between each other… donut

Judging by her smile… Do you think Ruthie approved of our 1st stop?!?!CMP_0972n


GOTTA climb our favorite tree…


She use to call him “Rah-Rah.”  Now, it’s just “Buddy-Boy”!ross

Soooo…. HERE is the problem with photographers…
We post lots of pictures that appear ‘perfect‘.  (Agree?)
It’s SUPER irritating.  (Agree?)

Like THIS one I took with my automatic timer…

The problem is, to get ONE decent image, there’s probably a TON of pictures that are so BAD we would NEVER share!

So, here’s what it REALLY  looks like when I *attempt* to get a photo with the kids using my automatic timer! 
(Ruthie RUNS away as fast as she can- trying to be hilarious.  But, she’s smart enough to know to run BACK before the last picture takes!)

And, in case you haven’t already figured out how much my crew enjoys food, here’s what Ross planned for HIMSELF ‘Ruthie’s special day’ next… CMP_1080nCMP_1085n

For good measure, Ross borrowed on of Ruthie’s furry buddies AND Ruthie got to make a cake with my friend before bed!   details

I was SOOOOOO proud of “Buddy-Boy” for trying SO hard to make Ruthie’s day SUPER-DUPER SPECIAL!  I think he did an AWESOME job!

Thanks for reading about our week(Rayna planned the next day for ME!  I can’t WAIT to share!) 

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