Stay-cation: MY Day!

I was just about to dump Rayna’s small trash container when something told me to open-up the crumbled-up piece of paper at the bottom.  I took out the piece of paper and saw the list she’d been working on since she drew MY name for our Stay-cation week at home (during the kid’s Spring Break).  It was so sweet to see how much love and thought she had put into making MY day so special…
IMG_6169 copy

And, yes… She CERTAINLY included ALL of my FAVORITE spots!

After a DELICIOUS breakfast at Rick’s Bakery and a WONDERFULLY-greasy lunch at Station Cafe in downtown Bentonville, Rayna had Matthew drop the two of us off at Crystal Bridges Art Museum– on of our FAVORITE places to hang-out together!

Although it NEVER feels like enough time there, we had over 3 hours to ourselves and were able to:
* make crafts!
* walk through the art museum (for the 428 time in 2 years)!
* hang out in the ‘secret’ library!
* visit their GREAT gift shop!
* take pictures!
* and, this was Rayna’s BIG surprise to me, tour the new, “Open Road,” photography exhibit!  Admission to Crystal Bridges is sponsored by Wal-Mart and is NO cost.  However, certain exhibits do require a fee.  So, Rayna budgeted her money well (aka: skipped taking me to ONYX Coffee Lab) in order to buy tickets for the photography event I’d been really wanting to see!

As Rayna and I sat in the quiet, beautiful, tucked-away library at Crystal Bridges, I snapped a picture of her because I knew THIS was a moment that I NEVER, EVER wanted to forget.  After recently listening to Dr. James Dobson’s letter to his wife (he begins the beautifully written letter around 8:40 minutes into the recording if you’d like to skip to it), I did exactly what he modeled many times in his life when he felt over-whelmed with love and gratitude for the blessings and gifts God gives- I prayed and thanked God for this moment AND for Rayna

Rick’s Bakery and Station Cafe… If you haven’t been, add BOTH to your list of things to do in NW Arkansas!  ray

Thank you for stopping by!  We have 1 day left… Matthew‘s day for RAYNA!

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