“So, how do you like NW Arkansas?”

“So, how do you like NW Arkansas?”

It’s a question I get a lot.  And although I am certainly missing a lot of people in Georgia, I actually LOVE telling people about all the neat activities that our new area has to offer!

When we use to visit Matthew’s parents, my love for the area was built around cows, horses, caves, creeks and no traffic.  But, shortly after moving here myself, I discovered this area actually offered MUCH more than the pastures and a slower-paced life.

Along with all the bike trails and nature hikes, NW Arkansas offers an INCREDIBLE amount of family-friendly activities!  There’s ALWAYS plenty of fun, free and interactive activities available to participate in each week.  Recently, I looked at our calendar and, on that particular Saturday morning, we had to choose between a colorful farmers market, an outdoor concert, a kid’s festival or free plane rides for children at a local airport.  Our lives are slower since we moved, but my calendar seems to be more full than ever!



So, if you’ve ever wondered what my new life is like, here’s an example of 4 GREAT activities that we did in 4 days, back-to-back…

  • “First Thursday” in “FayetteChill” (organic and artsy, similar to Asheville, NC)
  • “First Friday” in Downtown Bentonville
  • Saturday Farmers Market
  • “Sidewalk Sunday” in Downtown Bentonville

Although we LOVE the Fayetteville Farmers Market, our heart lies in downtown Bentonville!  Along with fresh fruits, homemade breads and vegetables, there’s also vintage antiques and gorgeous wood carvings.

And just like the ‘gotta’ get ice-cream’ downtown Bentonville rule (implemented by ME), there’s a NEW rule involving making time to climb the most AMAZING tree EVER!  The branches are low, strong, crazy and, the best part… there’s NO bugs or insects on it!  It’s, pretty-much, perfection.


All that walking makes Ruthie tired.  And once she holds her arms up for “Sissy!,” poor Rayna’s too sweet to tell turn her down…sisterlylovefamilymatthew


“Sidewalk Sunday” always incorporates hands-on fun and learning for the kids.  One week, IBM taught the kids how to make ice-cream in just a few minutes with liquid nitrogen.  This week, they were able to use a pottery wheel.  Very neat!

* If you live in NW Arkansas or plan to visit, get ready for Amazeum!  It’s a new children’s museum (sponsored by Nickelodeon, Hershey and Wal-Mart) beside Crystal Bridges Museum that is getting a LOT of talk as being one of the BEST children’s museums!

Now… WHO wants to come VISIT!?!?!    🙂

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