My Family’s Trip to Arkansas

Have you ever been so excited to see someone that you found yourself counting down the days until you got to see them again?
Well, that was ME after my sister asked if she, her husband, her son and my mom could drive to Arkansas to visit us!

And I wasn’t the ONLY one excited…
At 2am, Ruthie and I were WIDE AWAKE and had already sent several texts confirming they would be pulling into our driveway within minutes.  So, THERE WE WERE…

Me and Ruthie.
Sitting in our driveway.
In our pajamas.
Then, not being able to sit still much longer, WALKING down the neighborhood street.

THEN we see headlights coming towards us.  So, naturally, I run out in the middle of the road with Ruthie… JUMPING and WAIVING in front of the approaching car.  (THANKFULLY, that WAS their car.  Otherwise, I’m pretty sure someone would have thought we were crazy!)

And even though we were all super-quiet coming in, within minutes, Ross and Rayna were up TOO… joining the fun with Ruthie and Parker!

After over 12 hours of driving, we left Jason at home to catch-up on sleep while we headed out early for the Fayetteville Farmers Market...
Ruthie was SO happy to see her cousin, Parker…

Clearly, they both march dance to the beat of their own drum…danceburn

If Ruthie can find a dog who’s willing to lick her sticky fingers or face, she’s a HAPPY girl!   ruthiedogmarket

Ruthie had been waiting WEEKS for my sister to paint her finger nails…DSC_4380b

There’s so many fun activities to do in NW Arkansas, but when your ‘Love Language’  is Quality Time (like mine), you kind-of just want to hang-out and catch-up without being too busy.  So, that’s EXACTLY what we did…DSC_4141nrossruthiepushDSC_4339bruthiefacessims

What a GREAT weekend!  I’ll always be so grateful to my brother-in-law for driving all the way to us for a long weekend trip!  Although it was too short, we packed in lots of good times and great memories!

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