Shutter Speed Fun… or not.

The fair has always been one of my favorite things to photograph.  I love the colors, patterns, people, food, animals and lights.  So naturally, as we headed out on Friday to take Ross and Rayna, I grabbed my handy-dandy tripod, anticipating some really fun shots. 
But, life happens.  Cow manure gets stuck to the wheels of the double stroller.  Meanwhile, you realize your kids, both under 3 years old, really don’t care enough about a monkey riding on a dog’s back to fight the crowd that attraction apparently draws.
So, forget the cool ferris wheel shots with examples of different shutter speeds.  I’m posting images that are both milestones for Ross:
1.  He’s not only sharing his FAVORITE snack in the world (popcorn) with Rayna.  He’s actually feeding her.
2.  And, his FIRST ride on a roller coaster alone. 
Those, to me, beat out shutter-speed-fun any day!

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