I was going through my pictues of our trip to Georgia back in May and noticed this one.  Anyone else would think, “What’s the big deal?”  But, it’s special to me because this is such a good representation of my family. 
First of all, my mom has came home from work, taken off her pretty clothes and put on comfortable clothes about ten sizes too big for her.  (Those are the most comfortable, anyways!)
Along with her cooking, you’ll see ‘Grandmama’ (my grandmother), my uncle Sandy, my dad (sporting the apron) and, finally, ‘Granny’ (my great grandmother) doing the dishes.
People don’t believe me when I say, until I got married, I had never tried things like canned vegetables, cereal, Velvetta cheese, frozen pizza and pop tarts.  I was so fortunate to grow up eating home-grown vegetables each night. 
I look forward to our trip back next week.  I know I’ll come back with some of my best memories being surrounded by family- cooking and talking in the kitchen.

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