Shane, Alison, Blake & Kaleb

I am so thankful I to be doing what I am extremely passionate about.  Whether I’m taking pictures of the new recipe I made for dinner or the horse manure I just stepped in (I’ll get to that picture and story soon…), sometimes I can’t believe how happy and grateful my heart feels when I’m behind my camera.
And nothing in this world makes me happier than photographing kids!  Perfect examples… Blake & Kaleb!
This is my second session with Shane & Alison.  Just like before, I think it was pretty obvious how much I love their boys!  I love letting Shane & Alison relax while the boys and I have a great time together around the park.  We race.  We play.  Oh, and I hug them both waaaay too much.  (I try not to, but I seriously can’t help it.)
A ton of coffee tonight has resulted in a much later bedtime than I anticipated.  A much later bedtime has resulted in a few extra pictures in their gallery! 

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