Horses & Manure

As I pulled-up to my first shoot on Sunday, I took a deep breath and enjoyed (yes, enjoyed!) the smell of horses and manure all around me.  Each year my family spends a good bit of time in Arkansas on my in-law’s horse farm.  Needless to say, I feel so relaxed and comfortable being around these huge animals who act more like dogs than horses.
But since this wasn’t my ‘typical’ session, I was prepared.

I had lens cleaner.  I was prepared for lots of dust.
I had hand wipes.  I was prepared for plenty of dirt.
I had cute, strappy sandals.  I was NOT prepared for the mounds and mounds of horse manure that is pretty typical at a stable.

Just to be clear, the picture is right after my feet sank into a  huge pile!  Luckily for me, things like that don’t bother me at all AND my clients were very sweet and insisted on cleaning my feet!   

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