Russ, Lindy, Brooks & Ellie

After my shoot last weekend with Lindy and her family, I got into my car with a huge (and goofy) grin on my face. 

I loved the kids… I loved Russ & Lindy… I loved their sweet and playful interactions with one another… oh, I loved their outfits too!  I wasn’t even a mile down the road when I grabbed my camera beside me to start looking at some of my favorites.  I had hardly gotten through the first few pictures when my excitement shifted to a single, concerned thought:  ‘ am in major trouble.  I will never be able to choose my favorites.’

The same goes for their Sneak Peeks.  It was so hard to choose my favorites, so here are a few that caught my eye…


This is exactly what I want of me and my son.  If I ever get it, it will SOOO-be printed on a canvas and hung in my living room.
Beautiful Lindy + Adorable Brooks + Hug… 

Little Ellie… equally as beautiful as her mom

I love Russ & Lindy together.  I could have done an entire session with just the two of them.bDSC_0518






This is the part where I normally tell you your gallery is uploading now.  I’m sorry to say, your gallery is NOT uploading now.   (Sorry you guys are all so photogentic!)  Loved our time together!

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