Marty, Missy & Maddy

Okay, I had a lot to write about this crazy, sweet and fun-loving family… but I just got a Facebook comment from Missy hinting that she was going to stay awake tonight to see her Sneak Peeks.  Since my bedtime has been around 2:30am each night this week, I decided to quickly post her images where she can go to bed at a decent time tonight. 

Marty and Missy… waiting for JacksonbDSC_0052n

Maddy- always pretty and fashionable…
Waiting for Jackson…

The last time I photographed this family, Marty had requested a few shots with his Bible.  I loved the images we captured that day, as well the Story Board Missy created for Marty with those meaningful images.  Well, let’s just say Marty had another ‘creative‘ idea for this maternity session. 

I learned 2 valuable lessons from these next images:
1.  When a client makes a request that could potentially jeopardize the integrity of my business, it’s okay to politely decline.  
2.  Before I ‘promise’ to post a ridiculously crazydesired’ image on my blog for the world to see, make sure the image properly represents the style and feel I’ve worked so hard to establish.  1Just kidding.  You know I totally love you guys.  Your craziness is part of the reason I LOVE our sessions together!

bDSC_0119nI’m finishing this post.  I have more to say, but Missy (and Jackson) needs their sleep!

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