Pumpkin-Pickin’ Dead Line

I don’t know how it happened, but we almost missed one of our favorite events of the season.  For the past week, we had been telling Ross we would go pick out a pumpkin.  But between rain, out-of-town family coming to visit and a lot of sessions, we kind-of lost track of the time.  As you all know, it’s impossible to break a promise to a 4-year old boy.  So, despite the rain, we jumped in the car for a 45 minute drive to Jaemor Farms.  bDSC_0057



The last picture is THE story of Ross and Rayna.  It is typically Ross chasing Rayna- laughing hysterically because he knows they are both doing something they shouldn’t be doing.  However, today, Ross was the first one who decided to take off through the corn maze.  Rayna wasn’t far behind. 

The picture I did NOT take but should have was just a few seconds after this one.  They both managed to slip and fall in the mud.  No amount of wetwipes could undo the kind of damage that was on them from head to toe.  Matthew’s car will never be the same, nor will booth #3 at our local Waffle House.  


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