Allen, Amy, Brody & Harrison

I have a theory:
No matter how much you plan for it, the day of your session will NEVER run smoothly. 

If your child misses his  nap, spills chocolate milk all over his clean ‘picture’ clothes, has a meltdown getting into the car, simply decides he doesn’t really want pictures that day or, my favorite, you and your spouse are both a tad-bit irritated with one another on your session day…
It can only mean one thing:  Your family is perfectly normal.

The same was true for Allen and Amy.  Our session started a few minutes late because, during their lengthy trip to our location, Brody had to stop a few times for a bathroom break.  Although I can totally relate to the ‘pressure’ of family pictures, my goal for every family who gets out of their car feeling the stress of the moment is to let them know they can take a D-E-E-P breath and spend the rest of the time just watching their kids having fun.  And that’s exactly what we did!  (Easy, huh?)

Yes, it was work to get Harrison out of his mom’s arms, but when I did, we had a great time playing together.   (Have I said lately how much I adore photographing little boys?)b-1Brody was so much fun to photograph too!
bDSC_0168nIn case you needed proof of how much Harrison really loves Amy…bhand-1bDSC_0185nJust a few more of the boys…

Thanks, Allen & Amy!  I enjoyed meeting your family and playing with your sweet boys!

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