Our FAIR Tradition

If you were to open one of the big, leather photo albums in my parent’s living room, you’d quickly realize the Gwinnett County Fair has been a family tradition for a long time.  There are pictures of me as a toddler being held-up beside an award-winning watermelon picked straight out of our backyard.  There are also bright and colorful pictures of me enjoying the rides with friends and family in elementary school.

As I entered middle school, instead of racing to the rides, you would most certainly find me standing in front of all the photography entrees in the Exhibit Building.  I still remember examining each image carefully.  Most pictures were clearly entered just to receive the free ticket that came along with entering.  However, there were a handful of images where the beautiful light, shadows and reflections inspired me to, one day, be able to capture those elements as well.

As a high school student years later, I remember heading straight to that same Exhibit Building and anxiously approaching the glass wall that was lined with hundreds of photos.  As I started scanning the images with prize-winning ribbons attached, I was thrilled to find my photos had won!  Winning the photography contest I had been admiring for years was ALMOST as great as the hot, cinnamon mini donuts that were waiting right around the corner!


Turns out, Ross and Rayna also enjoy the fair!  We have a great time every year (blogged: 2008, 2009), but this year was even better!  They were both tall enough to ride some of the BIG rides…

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