Inspiration from chalk

Life with Ruthie has been wonderful.
She smells delicious and she’s sweeter than cotton candy.  When I say I can’t stop kissing her, I really mean it.

But along with those perfect dimples and cuddly naps, I’ve found myself to be feeling a little sleep-deprived and, often times, uninspired.  My camera had been tucked-away for a while, so I decided to make myself take a few pictures of the kids playing before bedtime.  Even thought I’d LOVE to be shooting my kids at a gorgeous location, both wearing super trendy clothes, sometimes, simply documenting their REAL moments is JUST as rewarding… if not more!


Tonight’s theme was sidewalk chalk.  Even though the feeling of chalk on my fingers gives me the weebie-geebies, the kids really love it!

Waiting to be traced by Ross…


If you’re like me and feeling the pressure to create something ‘perfect’, slow down and you’ll be happy to find it’s been right in front of you all along!


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