Okefenokee Swamp (Part 2)

If the thought of strolling by hundreds of cold-blooded alligators in a little boat makes your skin crawl, SKIP my last story and pictures from the Okefenokee Swamp!  THIS post is ALL on LAND!

If you ever visit Stephen C. Foster State Park, please pull your boat up to the old, wooden dock and explore “Billy’s Island.”  The sunlight coming through all the tall trees was just breathtaking! There’s an old cemetery too!  (Sounds perfect, right?  Alligators, cemetery and probably lots of hidden snakes!)  DSC_7561n copyDSC_7588bDSC_7892nislandbench

I take a lot of pictures of other people, but I’m rarely IN them.  So, sometimes that means doing it myself at the bait shop with a mirrored-wall… ru

Have I mentioned how relaxing it is being in the middle of nature… NO cell coverage… NO technology…
We went to bed with BEARS in the trees above our cabin.  Then, we woke-up to over a dozen DEER and wild TURKEY outside our bedroom window!  veggin

Instead of focusing on the fact that Ruthie isn‘t wearing shoes, I’m choosing to celebrate the fact that Ruthie IS actually dressed (for once)! DSC_7854n

God has given my mom many special gifts.  But, I think her strongest Spiritual Gift is Hospitality.  In the same way that she can prepare an enormous, home-cooked meal that could feed a small army, she also has the ability to plan, prepare and pack a variety of delicious meals to enjoy at the SWAMP!  (She amazes me!  I would have totally stopped at a grocery story and bought a box of cereal and a frozen lasagna!  But, her homemade spaghetti & meatballs and sausage rolls were SOOOOOOOOO much better!) okee

Looking forward to sharing our CHRISTMAS EXPERIMENT!  (We skipped presents and took a family trip instead!  Check back soon!)  

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