Eureka Springs

Ruthie says ‘no’ to a lot of things.  (Basically, any request that involves brushing her hair, wearing clothes or sleeping withOUT Ross or Rayna.)  But, ONE thing she will NEVER refuse is the chance to GO somewhere!

So when Matthew asked if we’d ride with him to Eureka Springs, we were both ALL.OVER.IT!DSC_6548n

Such a colorful, funky little street.  I kept thinking about how I wished Ross and Rayna could have come too…  DSC_6582n

To a 3-year old little girl, going to a ‘GLASS CHAPEL HIDDEN IN THE WOODS’ was SOOOOOO exciting! (And, yes… if this place looks familiar, it’s where  Jessa Duggar, from ’19 Kids and Counting’ got engaged.)DSC_6485bDSC_6538n

Chasing bubbles…DSC_6513nWhat a fun, little trip!  Thanks for sharing it with us!

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