Naomi’s Story

Normally, when my sister and I talk on the phone every day, our conversations are usually centered around something we’re cooking, somewhere we’re going or something too immature to share with anyone else.  But there WAS one particular phone call with Hannah almost two years ago that I will ALWAYS remember.

I asked her how her weekend was and, in a tone I hadn’t heard in a long time, she did her best to explain the incredible blessings God had so graciously given to her on that particular day.

Before the pastor’s message on the Sanctity of Life that morning, her extended family filled-up the seats to celebrate Parker’s public decision to be baptized.  After enjoying some comfort food with everyone they loved, out-of-town family said goodbye and her husband took off as well for time with his mentors in the church.  She thought the day was already “perfect,” but God had ONE more surprise for her.

Already soaking in all the many blessings, a ‘(+)/(-) Test’ revealed on that same night that God was saving the BEST surprise for LAST!    Parker, Hannah and Jason were finally getting the baby they’d all been praying for!

But during a routine prenatal appointment, Hannah received lab results that indicated her baby was at risk for a rare, life-threatening disorder.  So for the remaining weeks of her pregnancy, we all prayed and prayed for God’s intervention.  ‘Grandmama’ (our grandmother) said she’s never prayed for anything more than she prayed for Naomi during that difficult time.  Ironically enough, I know many of her prayers were said as she looked-out over the very spot in her backyard where Naomi played in the water during one of my last nights in Georgia.

God not only chose to give my sister a healthy, little girl, He added an incredibly sweet temperament and some major-cuteness as well!
1 Thessalonians 5:18

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